Hi, I’m Stevie.

At around 6, I wanted to be an author, just like Enid Blyton. I used to write a lot of stories at school.

At 17, I decided I wanted to be a broadcast Journalist. I’d been in the Daily Mail and had work experience at the BBC World News Centre. I went to University to read Philosophy and started having seizures. It completely threw me off course.

It wasn’t just the seizures. My self-esteem took a huge hit too. Life went on. HR found me. 10 years into a successful career, at this point as a FTSE 100 Deputy HR Director, I started to explore my unfulfilled dreams, my self-esteem and my purpose. There was a little voice that told me that it wasn’t all over, that I should follow my passions.

stevie.buzz is my canvas, where I share my journey of self-discovery and intend to help others through theirs. There is so much learning and discovering to be done. This is a place of no rules, no labels, of acceptance, positivity and growth.