What Blogging Has Taught Me

They say to treat blogging as a marathon, so I think 7 months in is as good a time as any to kick back for my first blogging review. This is a look at how I got here, what I’ve written and ultimately, what I’ve learned.

1. Where I Started

Before stevie.buzz, I had published a few articles on LinkedIn and enjoyed the buzz of putting my writing out there, having others read it and receiving feedback. Yet my fingers were itching to experiment with topics unsuitable for the business networking community.

There is so much to more to me than being a person who does a job. It meant LinkedIn just wasn’t enough for what I wanted to share.

[sebastian staines, unsplash]

2. My New Blog

I needed another platform. So back in November 2018, I created my own site. I started with a little experimentation, re-hashing a couple of my LinkedIn posts on change management and managing upwards, then following up with a fresh look at some FOMO research and a piece on managing stress. I then blogged on my own writing journey and this led me to also be open about my perfectionism, shy extroversion, depression and epilepsy. There have been some random posts, like the veganism one (controversially one of the most read!), the one on millennials (a hit on bing referrals) and my first exploration into travel writing (travel being one of my all time loves).

I’m not perfectly comfortable with writing about personal challenges, but that’s half the reason why I have done it. I feel there is more we need to talk about, so exposing some of my own vulnerabilities has been my personal contribution to the cause. Writing about bullying and loneliness followed this pursuit of purpose in my writing and the blog has also been pivotal for my UK government petition for improving the commute to work for disabled people (a greater challenge than I appreciated).

More than anything, I have found writing about self-empowerment, behavioural influences and anything that had a personal development angle to be most fulfilling on a personal level. I’m sure this will influence my future posts.

3. What I have learned

Working out what how I’ll shape my content and carve my niche isn’t the only thing I’ve learned, however…

Being uncomfortable is everything

I encourage anyone to step outside of their comfort zone. We let fear keep us from adventure, growth and excitement far too often. There are many topics I won’t blog about and the just the act of putting myself out there still feels awkward sometimes, but sharing my thoughts, advice and feelings with the world (should the world choose to read it) has been liberating.

[julian paul, unsplash]

There are no rules

It’s my blog and I can do what I like with it. I have read enough advice on how and when I should post, who for and what to write, but none of that has mattered. Unless you want to hard sell or market yourself, a blog is a wonderful way to just be you. Never underestimate the personal benefits of having a creative outlet.

I still don’t have the answers (and that’s OK)

In the last 7 months I have thought about my purpose, the type of person I am, what I want to give to the world and and what I want to get out of it. I guess there is part of me that is always expecting to know when I’ve worked that all out. There is another part that just accepts change is my constant.

[ken treloar, unsplash]

4. Next steps

I have a successful corporate career, a happy family and yet, an unknown future. That’s the adventurist in me. I’m on a journey of self-discovery and that has led me to train to become a crisis counsellor and look ahead toward qualifying as a life coach. How I can contribute and have purpose has been high on my thought list in the past 7 months, but I want to take life as it comes (maybe managing that perfectionist side is paying off already!).

In the meantime, I’ve accepted there are different sides to what I want to share and who I share it with, so the way in which I share it will reflect that…

For everything work related (that’s HR chat and articles on diversity, org dev, engagement and leadership):

For stevie.buzz (my positivity side hustle) and everything mental health, motivational and personal development related:

I feel like I have more clarity, purpose and direction. For 7 months blogging, that can’t be bad going! A success to celebrate. As ever, please do connect on social media if you are interested in future posts, comment below if you have any thoughts to share, or feel free to recommend any other blogs.

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