Life, When it Rains

It’s been a while since my last post. When I started – 6 months ago now – I committed to a blog post per week. It is only in the last month that I have really struggled with that.

Easter was a mixed time. It started with an amazing family getaway to Barcelona and toward the end of the holidays, we celebrated the wedding of one of my beautiful sisters to the love of her life. In between the city break and the wedding, we lost my partner’s mum after a cruel battle with cancer. There aren’t the words.

We are trying to focus on the wonderful memories we have. She was an uplifting, extroverted person who cared about people and their lives. Yet however much positivity we can try to bring into the grieving process, it will not fill the void. Life has we know it has changed and in some moments all we can do is feel sad.

This is not a post about grief. I am numb and do not have the words for it.

Part of me has felt like, when I finally publish again, it should be a worthwhile one to make up for the delay. That’s me putting pressure on myself again. So I won’t give into that. This post is just me saying, sometimes life happens and there is no right or wrong way to respond.

Sometimes rainbows follow the rain, sometimes it keeps on raining and sometimes the sun will dry up every last raindrop. But there’s little point in wondering how it might turn out each time. The rain will fall and the clouds will pass, so just let it be. Get wet or keep dry, stay still or dance around, but don’t wish it to stop. It needs to happen. When it rains, just let it rain.

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