7 Reasons to Travel

Of all the things I enjoy, there is nothing that compares to the adventure of travelling. The world is vast and it is beautiful: there are so many people to meet, stories to share and places to explore. I could stay in the same place and do the same thing forever, or I could find ways to learn and grow. Travelling opens up opportunities and ultimately it opens up my mind.

My very first trip abroad was to Euro Disney with my family back in 1992. Travelling to France fascinated me, as for the first time I was in another country, where people spoke another language and had different customs. Since then, travel has been my favourite way to indulge. I have explored historical European cities and US coastlines, and enjoy quirky northern-circle breaks almost as much as sunshine-soaked Asian islands. There is so much more of the world I want to explore and there’s more than one reason why. But before I get my next adrenaline-rush, I want to share with you reasons why I think we should all travel…

Travel For Better Bonding

Escaping the daily grind is the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to loved ones, rekindle relationships, or even start new ones. Take away the stresses and challenges of every day life and spend quality time with friends, family and the people that make you happy. Meet new people, with completely different lives and stories, who you might connect with on a whole new level. Relationships create memories, happiness and futures.

Travel to Explore other Cultures

People, traditions, food, fashion, beliefs and architecture… travelling opens up a whole new world different to our own.

When we travel, we learn that we are a tiny part of a great and boundless world. There are 7.5 billion people on this planet and every one lives a life different to our own. It’s an incredible and exciting thought. Exploring other cultures can provide opportunity to reflect on your own values, beliefs and assumptions.

Travel to Learn Something New

Experiences travelling can teach us so much. There are the obvious, like lessons in languages and cultures. There is no better way to learn a new language that to immerse yourself among native speakers. There are also opportunities for volunteering, paid work in a new country, or taking a course abroad. Learning new skills in a new country is a great way to combine skill development with personal development, empowering you to reach a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding.

Travel for a Change in Climate

Whether you need a little Vitamin D, want to experience the tropics or to know what an arctic chill feels like, sometimes all we need is a change in climate.

Whether you chase whether extremes, guaranteed temperatures, or a contrast to the temperatures back home, chasing a change in climate is definitely a popular reason to travel.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone by Travelling

There can be many reasons why we don’t travel: financial, personal relationships, low self-esteem or shyness, work commitments. Sometimes the act of travelling, wherever it is and for however long, is a bold move in itself. It’s about taking control, shifting your focus and making change happen.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”

Dalai Lama

Travel for Perspective, Purpose and Direction

Most people find it easier to be themselves when they travel. Imagine being in a place you choose, far away from the things that stress you and with no inhibitions. It’s the perfect opportunity to open up, challenge your perspective and explore your purpose. So many people travel to “find themselves” and it completely makes sense why: it’s when we are free from all that we have ever known and can explore all that we are. If you are looking for a new direction, travel is the perfect transition.

Travel for Improved Wellbeing

Travel gives us the chance to relax, switch-off and escape the challenges of daily life. When we really allow ourselves to indulge in opportunities like this, it can do wonders for our wellbeing. Travel is great for stress-relief, building resilience and boosting happiness. Being away from it all can give you the time you need to reflect on your life, appreciate yourself and escape negative feelings or experiences.

I’ve never heard anyone say they regret travelling. Exploring new places and creating new memories can be enriching, challenging and an amazing learning experience. My greatest ideas are born when when I’m travelling. I also return feeling refreshed, more positive and upbeat. Don’t be surprised to return from travelling feeling more confident, with new skills, or feeling more happy with your own life.

Do these reasons inspire you to travel? Maybe you have your own reasons that spark your wanderlust. Please feel free to share your own opinions, ideas and reasons.


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